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We maintain the gardens and represent the residents

About the association

Catharine Place is a square of Georgian houses in central Bath, laid out in the 1770s by John Wood the Younger. The central area of the square was originally paved over and was used as a storage area for sedan chairs.  By the latter half of the 19th century sedan chairs had gone out of fashion and the residents replaced the paved area with a garden, surrounded by railings.  During World War II the railings around the garden were removed to provide scrap metal for the war effort.  During the 1990s a small group of residents led a fund-raising effort to restore the stone plinth and install new railings in the style of the original.

The Catharine Place Residents Association maintains the square's gardens and railings and is active with other local residents' associations in the Federation of Bath Residents' Associations, representing the views of Bath residents to the council, the police and the business community.

The association welcomes well controlled dogs, on a lead, into the gardens. This follows a ballot of all members in autumn 2020 in which the proposal was overwhelmingly supported.


The association holds an Annual General Meeting in the early summer of each year. Social events regularly include a tea party, a summer picnic and a Christmas event. 

Membership of the association is open to residents, leaseholders or freeholders of property in Catharine Place and numbers 1-9 Rivers Street, or to any individual who shares the aims of the association. Membership for 2021-2022 costs £30 for a flat, £50 for a house or £100 for all the flats within a single house. A key to the gardens is available to members for an additional £5.  

For membership or any other enquiries please contact the association by email at the address below. There is also a Facebook group for residents of the square called 'Catharine Place Residents'.


The Catharine Place Residents' Association


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